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Hello World, Let’s Get This Party Started!

by Monique Cudbertson in What's Shakin
Hello World!
My name is Monique Cudbertson, though mostly everyone (except maybe my mom) calls me Mo. I come from an exceptionally artsy family, and have been dabbling in the arts for most of my life, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to truly commit myself to pursuing a life path of creativity in the form of visual arts. 
I am not new to jumping in head first to a new and risky career path. Several years ago I started up Mo’s Mountain Cuisine. An exclusively backcountry catering business. A risky gamble, but it paid off. I was able to spend almost all my working time in stunningly beautiful and remote locations providing tasty meals for hungry skiers and climbers. The landscapes, both vast and humble, that I found myself in always begged me to capture their beauty in paintings and drawings. Unfortunately I was too busy to cooking to paint! I have since sold that business, and will continue to have cameo appearances just for fun, so that I can provide a new way of inspiring others; by bringing the joy I find in the natural world to you through my drawings and paintings. 
Thanks for checking out my site!
Have a wonder-filled day 🙂

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You are incredibly talented and I wish you all the best in this new adventure! Love you bunches Mom!

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