Artist Bio - Monique Cudbertson

Monique Cudbertson
Monique spent her youth exploring the forests, lakes, rivers, and mountains of South Eastern British Columbia, Canada. After creating a niche business in Backcountry Catering, and working full time as a chef for over a decade, she decided it was time to wholeheartedly pursue her true passion of creating art. 
Monique's art currently is focused on the wild places she has explored, and the adventures she has experienced. Monique is also very passionate about nature, and her own outdoor pursuits. providing an opportunity for others to have an original painting of their own Adventure Memories. Her love of nature and adventures shines though in her work.
Monique would love to hear from you! Please email for more information regarding purchases or commissions.  

Shows and Exhibits

Jan 2018: "A Family Affair"

Cranbrook Arts Gallery
Featuring the works of: Yvonne Vigne, Monique Cudbertson, Nicole Vigne, Frances Slywka & Rachelle Golding

April 19-22, 2018: "Art! Vancouver"

Vancouver Convention Centre East
999 Canada Place